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A visit to Zadar in Croatia

We are visiting Zadar, a wonderful city in North Dalmatia with a harbor and a lot of things to see.
Zadar is located in Croatia and is a very exciting place to visit. You can enjoy locally made wine from one of the many restaurants or relax with a cup of coffee in a cozy cafe.
In Croatia and especially in Dalmatia there are many places to relax and de-stress.
Go swimming in the lovely ocean with crystal clear water, experience Croatian culture in the town square of Zadar where music is often played or simply relax in your NOVASOL holiday home or villa near Zadar.
NOVASOL has holiday homes to offer all over Dalmatia which makes it easy for you to explore this lovely region of Croatia.
Zadar is great for families with children because of the many attractions that are perfect for children and adults alike. Book a NOVASOL holiday home or villa in Zadar, Croatia, and experience a town with an amazing sunset and exciting Croatian culture.