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Aalborg in Springtime

Aalborg is a large city located in northern Denmark, and according to local archaeological excavations, the settlement has existed for more than 1000 years. Book a holiday home here, and you can experience magnificent architecture, as well as small idyllic streets, beautiful old timbered houses, and carefully restored wooden boats in the harbor. The city is filled with both historic and cultural attractions. Visit the momentous cathedral of Saint Budolfi, finished in 1554, which is unique in its use of tiled brickwork. Other highlights include the old timbered fortress, constructed by King Christian III in 1539, and the monastery of the holy spirit from 1437. Another interesting attraction is the cultural center ‘Nordkraft’, and old restored power station which now hosts free theater, cafes, a cinema, and concerts. Concerts particularly, are a very unique experience inside the cavernous interior of the old power station. If you book a holiday cottage north of Aalborg you, you will meet a flat landscape dominated by fields and meadows. If you book a holiday home up by the northern tip of Denmark, near the city of Skagen, you can walk out onto the most northern tip of Denmark, where waves from the oceans ‘Skagerrak’ and ‘Kattegat’ meet head on. Book a holiday home with NOVASOL, and have an unforgettable family holiday.