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Århus — City of Smiles 2012

Aarhus is located on the eastside of Denmark’s mainland.
Here you can find historical buildings with Danish architecture. There are small lakes and a lot of green areas as well. Nearly everywhere in this area stores sell small things you can use as souvenirs – for example wooden forks or spoons, of course in different wooden colors. On the market you can buy fresh vegetables and flowers from the surrounding regions and areas.
Aarhus is a modern city that has not lost its charm and friendly atmosphere through time. A lot of young people live here because of the universities. The restaurant by the end of the river called “Aarhus Å” is famous and unique. Along the river you can find a lot of cute and interesting restaurants, bars and cafés where the people of Aarhus meet and relax.
Another sight in Aarhus is the Cathedral; Denmark’s longest cathedral with a length of 93 meters.
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