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Ebeltoft — The Apple Town in Djursland

Ebeltoft is located in the peninsula of Djursland in one of the bays of Kattegat. It is a small and very charming city. NOVASOL has charming holiday homes here that will give you the opportunity to experience everything it has to offer.
Some of the major parts of this small city are their market for fishing as well as the busy and beautiful harbor and, not to mention, their tourism. Many of the small houses you will see while walking have been built in a traditional and architecturally historical way. The town hall is the world’s smallest town hall and its characteristics stick out from the idyllic scenery.
Because of the city’s growth, many shops in the heart of this lovely and well preserved city were made. The pedestrian zones of the city were also made more interesting. There are two sights with national significations in this area. One of them is the museum of glass, which is famous for internationally and locally manufactured pieces of art made from glass. This gave Ebeltoft the title ‘Capital of Glasses’.
Another attraction of this area is the historical wooden warship called ‘Fregatten Jylland’, which fought in the war between Germany and Denmark in 1874 near Helgoland. Today it is the last wooden warship of its kind in this size in the world. This is very exciting to visit and experience. Sometimes there will be a show where the ship will show the firepower it had back in the time when it was used.
Ebeltoft got its name from a small hill were apple trees grew which was right in the center of this city in the past.
Once a year in mid-October there is a festival called the ‘Ebelfestival’. During these days you can ask the local people about many products made from apples, and of course you can buy them as well. You could also learn how these pieces of glass art are made, because sometimes the artists will show this live in front of you. Those who go for a holiday in Ebelfoft can experience the comfortable and easy-going lifestyle of the Danish people. A NOVASOL holiday home in Ebeltoft is a great destination for your holiday in Denmark.