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The island 'Als' in Denmark

Right by the border between Germany and Denmark is the Island ‘Als’. Life here is very rural and pure. Agriculture and fishing are the most important sources of income. It is a perfect place for a nice holiday in a NOVASOL holiday home. This island also offers nice beaches such as ‘Kegnaes’, ‘Drejet’ or ‘Kaerneland beach’.
‘Soenderborg’ is the biggest city on this island which has a beautiful castle that was built in 1200. In addition to the Castle of Soenderborg there is the Nordborg Castle. Here you can also visit a shipyard which is very exciting. With a NOVASOL holiday home or cottage on Als you can easily experience all the attractions that are located here.
You can reach Als by car or by ferry. The bridges that go to Als are called ‘Alssundbroen’ and King Christian Bridge. A trip to the neighboring islands Fyn and Aero is also possible.
NOVASOL holiday homes are a perfect location to start an interesting holiday in the southern part of Denmark.