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Sunset in Zadar, Croatia

Alfred Hitchcock said that the sunset of Zadar is the most beautiful in the world. It is spectacular indeed, especially when you watch it from “The Greeting to the Sun”; a special place at the harbor of Zadar.
NOVASOL offers many charming holiday homes and villas in Zadar.
Croatia is generally a very relaxing and lovely place to spend your holiday in. You can enjoy fresh seafood and wine from the many restaurants and cafes. The wine is often made locally and tastes very well. Be sure to order the Croatian wine if you wish to taste this.
Zadar is located in the region of Dalmatia which is a very popular destination for holidays. NOVASOL has holiday homes all over Dalmatia so that you can visit each area you wish to. There are also many historical and cultural attractions to experience here.
Book a NOVASOL holiday home or villa in Zadar, Croatia, and experience an amazing sunset from the harbor or watch it from a restaurant with a glass of Croatian wine.