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Surfing in Klitmøller, Denmark

Klitmøller is a center for people who love water sports. Surfers and kite-surfers from all over Europe love this place because of its steady winds. “Cold Hawaii” is what this area is called by surfers from all over. Klitmøller is a paradise for water sports and it is surrounded by beautiful nature. This area is the perfect location for a sport loving family who want to spend their holiday in a holiday home from NOVASOL.
Klitmøller is situated in the municipality ‘Thisted’ in North Jutland. In the past, until the 1980s, it was only a small fisherman’s village. Many surfers and kite-surfers come here which makes it one of Europe’s most famous surfing spots.
Klitmøller is also a perfect destination for small trips, for example to ‘Skagen’ where the streams of Skagerrak and Kattegat crash into each other so that the waves break in the middle of the sea. Some people say that there is a very special light in this area especially during midsummer. This explains why so many artists like photographers and painters come to this region.
Here you can find many NOVASOL holiday homes that are perfect for exploring the area.