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Winter in Djursland, Denmark

During winter Denmark presents itself from a very unique side. NOVASOL has many holiday cottages and homes in Denmark that will be perfect for exploring the country during winter.
In December it is nearly guaranteed that there is snow in Djursland. While the small and fine snow and ice crystals break the light and offer a unique view, you can relaxingly walk through forests with your family and enjoy the beauty of the Danish nature – Djursland has more to offer during winter than you might think.
Ebeltoft becomes a winter paradise for children because of the large hill in the center of the city, while adults can enjoy and feel the quietness of the harbor and the small streets. There are numerous churches that look amazing when they are covered in snow in Ebeltoft. Dogs and pets are welcome in many NOVASOL holiday homes and cottages. This will be part of the house description and concept.
A NOVASOL holiday home in Djursland, Denmark, is a perfect destination to start your relaxing winter holiday for the whole family.